Feb. 10th, 2017

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Some stuff of Arashi came into my mind!

I'm gonna talk about serious issues so be careful!!

In this week a new regulations came out from the agency FMPJ (federation of Music Producers Japan), it say that the music schools in japan must pay royalties for teach japanese music.

The Artist Hiraku Utada public this in twitter with the statement she gonna donate all of her music, so the schools of music of japan only for study purpose can use the music of hiraku utada. I'm not a fan of her, not even like her personality, but I support her in this matter.

But, But, But,
The music of the idols isn't written by them self, right?
I really love the work of  100+, Hydrant and Wonderland (Arashi's song writers), so I google it and found one of those music schools teaching some arashi songs.
The new rule can discourage the use of Arashi or JE songs  for teaching. Even more, it say that japanese songs would be more expensive than other country. So it might be that schools choose foreign music over Japanese music just for costs.

I have more questions:
What happens with the music written by idols themselves?
Oh, they might stop teaching NIJI of NINO, it must be sad!
It would be great if Japanese students continue studying songs like truth, one love and niji ....
The new regulations means a huge retrocess for japanese music market and its promotion overseas...

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