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Apr. 7th, 2017 05:14 pm
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I have to say something about new TOS.
I have numerous account in different social network, all that networks didn't blongs to my country. Even more, someones didn't have an office in my country.
I'm a profesional in this matter, annalizing the contract the new TOS are quite simmilar with all social networks agreements.
USA recogniced follow and investigated some network interaction in foregein countries without the citizenship knowledge.
I´m definitly not broked crimmimal law, but these gov were investigating me.
Most of the fandom are concerned about the security of the files they upload, like FB, YT, Vimeo, Blogger or such have restrictions by the ownwer of the copyright and for IP location issues.
For me, nothing changes.
Maybe could be a concern for seeing the word "Russia" in all of it, but it's will be the same if the TOS were imposed from UK?
I´m more concerned about japanese companies than russian ones.
I'm still in LJ as longer as famdom stay in LJ.

Para todos los que son de latinoamerica. La mayoria de estos acuerdos afectan lo mismo que los acuerdos de FB o YT. Además nada puede ser mas que el propio estados unidos cuando reconoció la actividad de seguimiento e investigacion de la actividad en internet de personas de latinoamerica y europa.
Seguramente todo el miedo viene por la palabra Russia. Pero ¿todos toman igualemente el riesgo cuando el acuerdo vienen de lugares como UK o USA?. Realmente estoy más preocupada por los japoneses y los estadounidenses que por las normas de copyright rusas.

Voy a seguir en LJ tanto como las comunidades de fan sigan en Lj.
Para mi no hay ningun cambio adicional.
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