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 Mao Kobayashi passed away.

Mao was 34 years old, she was the Wife of Ichikawa Ebizo XI and had two children with him. Mao was newscaster at newszero and graduated from Sophia University. She worked with Sakurai for three years.

When I noticed this morning was painful. I cried watching the press conference of Ichikawa Ebizo. Was really heartbreaking.

And then sho chan. His tears came from the deepest bottom of his heart.

I'm be able to understand something from my ears and then through  Winky chan translation I was able to understand the entire message.

I meet Ichikawa Ebizo XI through Arashi. They showed me the  beautiful love story of Ebizo and Mao, lovely Couple! lovely family! Since then I follow Ebizo san he's a good person. When in 2016 I noticed Mao Kobayashi had cancer was sad, I hoped she recovery her health, but nothing happened. The last week Mao went back to her home I realised at that time She was in the ultimate fase.

This morning I watched the tears of grief from her husband. Was really painful, thinking in the two children...

As a fan di Sakurai Sho I'm crying  for him. We are not able to confort him... but I understand him completely. As a fan I am glad Sakurai decided to share his grief with all the people, It's a tough desition I it's a mature election. Thanks Sakurai for let us get into  your life. Thanks for share with us. We stand with you always.


From here I send my condolences for all Ichikawa family, for Mao husband and her childrens. And for Sakurai San especially. My prayers with they and for the soul of Mao Chan. 
Requiem aeternam dona ei. Domine,.et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen. 

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